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This project is a spontaneous idea that I had in order to build my first project in Unity. To start working with this platform I wanted to build a simple game and my choice was to create a Flappy Bird clone.

By the time I was creating it there was a huge presence in the Spanish media about the Catalan independence process. So I decided to develop a humorous game starring the Catalan president Artur Mas and his quest to escape from Spain.

I changed the original pipes for Spanish flags and Artur Mas has to dodge them. Every time he flies through a pair of flags you earn a vote (point). If he crashes, you lose.

The game is a perfect analogy because it's infinite and quite frustrating, just like the independence process, nobody knows how it's going to end and people who wants to vote are quite frustrated.

Flapi Mas

Bernie Mev

This project is an e-commerce website built using Prestashop for Footez S.L. in order to distribuite Bernie Mev's shoes through Spain, Portugal, Andorra, UK and Ireland. The original website of the brand is

I built these sites from the ground up, including website architecture, visual design, graphic and general content, SEO optimization, e-mail templates and initial maintenance. I also had to translate and adapt all the content for countries such as Spain, UK and Ireland.

After development I taught other employees how to run the back office and also managed Bernie Mev Spain's social media (Facebook and Twitter) in cooperation with the marketing team, analysed traffic and user behaviour, helped with online marketing tasks and gave advice for SEM. Bernie Mev Spain is on the top position of all major search engines for brand name search.

Bernie Mev

Bobux Spain

This project is another e-commerce website built using Prestashop for Footez S.L. in order to distribuite Bobux shoes through Spain, Portugal and Andorra, UK and Ireland.

This site was an update of an existing webpage, built according to Bobux requirements and following their design lines. It's a replica of working on a different CMS and with a responsive layout (not present in the original).

I had to develop the website from scratch, migrate all databases from the old one, improve overall SEO optimization, adapt all the content (graphics and texts) for Spanish consumers and create a newsletter service.

Bernie Mev


Footez's website is another of my creations, a web built using bootstrap and thought as one page without menus. A minimalist approach for a corporative website with all the relevant information in just one scroll. I also embellished and updated their logo :P

Footez S.L.

I worked for Footez as a freelance and they gave me the chance to step into the e-commerce world for the first time. I had to learn how to build websites using Prestashop and many other things, from scratch and on the go. Here is a list of the diverse tasks I was assigned:

- Search for the best web hosting option according to the clients needs and migrate all the content to the new provider. They had all websites scattered in 4 different hosting providers and everything had to be put in a single dedicated server to reduce costs, improve performance and have a proper organization.

- Manage the server and e-mail accounts for Footez S.L. and Iaccess Corporation.

- Build and manage,,,,, and

- Update, edit or improve some content of the following websites:,,, and which were built by other companies or previous workers.

- SEO optimization, general analytics (traffic & customer behaviour) and SEM advice.

- Community management in collaboration with the marketing team.

- Managment of the amazon marketplace of the company.

- Graphic design (posters, catalogs, flyers, photo editing...).

- Content writing, translations and eventual tasks as a Copyrighter.

- Eventual technical assistance for company employees.